Stirlingversal's cutting-edge sustainable energy systems and services directly respond to and address these top global challenges:


Making the switch to clean, renewable energy

The world's population must quickly embrace renewable energy sources. Using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The cost of creating and deploying solar or wind farms with energy storage solutions is the most inhibiting factor to renewable energy adoption. Furthermore, the supply of many renewable energy sources is unreliable, even with energy storage included. When none or little renewable energy is generated, balancing and baseload replacement power become complex and challenging to manage. While there is an apparent global demand for reliable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions, these barriers remain. Stirlingversal is here to address them head-on.

A long-term solution for linking rural communities

Today, 1.4 billion people around the world are not connected to their national power grid. Households that fall outside of their national grid predominantly rely on standalone diesel generators, which create severe environmental harm, including toxic byproducts, carbon emissions, and land and water pollution. Renewable energy systems that are easy to distribute, install, and operate are critical to reducing rural communities' dependence on diesel fuel, improving the environmental footprint, and significantly decreasing energy production costs.

Sustainable use of untapped energy resources

If nothing is done, we will be creating 3.4 billion metric tons of waste yearly by 2050 at our current pace of garbage production. Waste is often managed by transportation, landfilling, and wasteful rubbish burning. Instead of being discarded in landfills or burnt, rubbish may be used to create sustainable and local energy. There is a substantial market need for energy systems that enable local, clean, and efficient conversion of biomass and waste to energy – which is where Stirlingversals's sustainable systems come in.

About us

Stirlingversal, a Swedish company, seeks to become a key player in the global market for environmentally friendly energy systems by using cutting-edge technology. We develop, manufacture, and sell robust distributed and dispatchable energy systems throughout the globe using advanced Stirling engine technology. Our products and systems are designed and developed in Sweden, typically collaborating with other leading enterprises and academic institutions.

We manufacture most of our products in Kunshan, China, where we operate a wholly-owned subsidiary. Our mission as a Greentech company is to develop the world's best environmentally sustainable energy solutions.

Options for long-term local energy generation

You can create clean, efficient energy right in front of your consumers with Stirlingversal's biomass and waste-to-energy systems. Transportation is decreased by generating energy from local biomass and waste. Our customers can rely on the systems to provide on-demand, reliable energy that is also environmentally friendly. Our designs are simple to distribute, install, operate, and maintain. Our solutions are constructed on a modular platform that enables cost-effective and flexible customization.

The Stirlingversal biomass conversion system combines an external combustion chamber with our unique next-generation Stirling engine to achieve extremely low emissions and highly efficient combustion. Biochar is produced as a valuable byproduct of converting thermal energy to electricity and heat. Stirlingversal's in-house developed control system intelligently manages the production process and optimizes the combustion process for different types and qualities of biomass and other energy sources.

The Stirlingversal waste-to-energy system, which creates electricity in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way, also uses the unique next-generation Stirling engines. The engines have been specifically engineered for low-maintenance cost, high reliability, and long service life.